Introducing Workbooks & Workshops

Workshops are one-off events on legal English and legal translation based on the Greek Law in English (GLIE) Workbooks. Study and learn with online quizzes and practise by joining our online workshops.

How it works

When you enrol to a GLIE Woskshop you are provided with the reading material in the form of an online Workbook and you are entitled to join a 2-hour online Workshop. You can find the Workshop dates by clicking on the Calendar of Events button below.

How to prepare

Each online Workbook is divided into 5 sections and contains a total of 500 questions & answers with comments where needed. All material is in bilingual display (el/en or en/el).

What you will learn in the Workshops

The purpose of the online Workshops is to gain hands-on experience in the subject that you have studied by using the online Workbooks. ​

Areas of law

Contracts & corporate law, employment law, competition law, intellectual property law, consumer protection law.


The reading material of the online Workshops is drawn from Greek, UK and EU law combining civil law with common law key concepts.

How much it costs

Each online Workshop costs €25 and includes a 500 Questions & Answers online Workbook and a 2-hour online Workshop.

The GLIE Workshops are the easiest and best way to start learning legal English and legal translation from Greek into English.

Select your Workbooks

Our virtual Workshops combine the ease of self-study with the effectiveness of instructor-led group learning sessions. The Workbooks contain quizzes, excercises, tests and all the material needed to prepare for joining the 2-hour virtual Workshop.  The virtual Workshops are held several times a year as per the Calendar of Events.

English Prepositions in Legal Drafting

WB 1 - Legal English - Introductory Level

English Collocations in Legal Drafting

WB 2 - Legal English - Introductory Level

Key Vocabulary in Legal Translation (el-en)

WB 3 - Legal Translation - Introductory Level

Legal Translation (el-en) for Beginners

WB 4 - Legal Translation - Introductory Level

The EU's Key Legal Vocabulary

WB 5 - Legal English - Intermediate Level

Translate Boilerplate Clauses (el-en)

WB 6 - Legal Translation - Intermediate Level

Do you need help?

For any questions and more information regarding the virtual Workshops and online Workbooks please send us an email or call us. You can find all the contact details by clicking on the Contact Us button at the right.

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