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We are dedicated to creating and providing engaging and enriching learning opportunities for lawyers and law students who wish to learn legal English, expand their knowledge in legal translation from Greek into English and gain first-hand exposure to drafing legal documents in English. Here you can find online courses and workshops, exercise workbooks, reading material and glossaries that will help you begin and continue your learning journey in legal English.

a new learning philosophy

Learning & development for lawyers​​

Learning is not the result of a one-off event. It requires a carefully designed learning path, experienced and knowledgable instructors, a well-defined scope, appropriate study materials and tools combined with an efficient learning strategy to achieve the learning objectives within the shortest possible time and in a budget-wise manner. As a result, we have designed our learning strategy based on a structured hands-on learning and development approach that combines traditional learning models with innovative programmes and open educational resources to provide a unique online learning experience. Last but not least, we firmly believe in direct learner-instructor interaction and ongoing learner support. 

traditional learning paths

Online courses & exams

Our popular online courses are focused on learning how to use legal English properly, translate legal text from Greek into English, and draft legal documents in English. The GLIE SAT exam is a written test assessing the proper use of legal English, the accurate translation of legal documents from Greek into English and the ability to draft legal documents in English. The TOLES Exam is a written test that allows international lawyers and law students to provide evidence of their language skills in legal English and specific areas of English law.

exclusive learning opportunities

Learn at your own pace

GLIE Workshops offer a unique learning opportunity to learn legal English in an engaging and innovative manner. They consist of online Workbooks that are well-structured sets of exercises, quizzes and tests and are divided into two levels of difficulty, at introductory and intermediate level, starting from understanding key legal English vocabulary and concepts. The Workshops cover a wide range of learning subjects drawn among selected topics of Greek civil and commercial law, English contract and company law, and European law. They are supplemented by a two-hour online workshop available throughout the year. GLIE Workshops are an ideal learning opportunity for law students, lawyers, and candidates for the National School of the Judiciary or for anyone wishing to prepare for joining an online course.

more learning opportunities

Open learning & development

We provide free access to learning and informative material through open educational resources in the form of free videos on YouTube, extensive glossaries on our Blog, news and articles on the social media. We have also created an online library where you can find a collection of dictionaries, glossaries, self study guides, important links and other publicly available material that is useful when translating from Greek into English or drafting in English.

Why study with us?


With over 18+ years of extensive experience in legal translation and legal drafting we are proud of delivering high quality courses and workshops since 2018 that meet the industry specific standards and requirements.

Distance Learning

All courses and workshops are conducted online by using digital interaction platforms, and dedicated applications for accessing study and exercise material.

Open Learning

We provide free access to educational and informative material, such as glossaries, videos and English articles of legal interest through open educational resources.


All courses and workshops are designed to provide hands on practice, combining the cost-effective advantages of group learning with the benefits of personalised feedback and interaction.​​

Competitive Advantage

Our Centre is the provider of the Greek Law in English Skills Assessment Test - GLIE SAT and a registered centre for the TOLES Exams. There is no better way to learn and prove your knowledge in legal English and legal translation from Greek into English. 

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Find your way around

Test your knowledge in legal English and legal translation by taking our free quizzes. The quizzes are graded automatically so you will receive your score right away. The quiz results are a rough guide only and intended to indicate the recommended courses at introductory and intermediate level. If you need assistance please book a consultation with us.

Legal English Quiz

Test your knowledge in legal English vocabulary and legal collocations.

Legal Translation (el-en) Quiz

Test your knowledge in legal translation from Greek into English.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you need more information and assistance in selecting the appropriate course.

Is the course material available after I finish the course?

Yes. You can access the reading material and the videos of the courses for one year from registration to the respective course.

What level of general English is needed to join a course?

An intermediate level of general English (B1) is recommended for the Introductory and Intermediate level courses and advanced English level (C1) is necessary to join the legal drafting courses.

How many hours of study per week will I need for each course?

The recommended time of study depends on the selected course. The translation courses consist of the reading material, videos and a real-time online presentation. The legal drafting courses consist of personalised feedback sessions and a specific number of home assignments. Before joining a course you can see the duration and all related information to get an estimate of the required time of study.

Can I receive a certificate of participation at the end of a course?

Certificates of participation are available upon completion of each legal translation and legal drafting courses. However, no certificates are provided for completing the exercise workbooks.

How can I prove my knowledge of legal English?

In addition to the certificates of participation, there are two available tests to prove your knowledge of legal English: the GLIE SAT and the TOLES exams (Foundation, Higher, Advanced).

What is the difference between the GLIE SAT and the TOLES exams?

The GLIE SAT is a written test confirming that you can translate contracts and corporate documents from Greek into English and that you can draft business related and legal documents directly in English. The TOLES exams allow you to provide evidence of your language skills in specific areas of English law, such as contract, business, employment, company, and tort law.

Who is the provider of the GLIE SAT and the TOLES exams?

The GLIE SAT is provided by the Greek Law in English - The Legal English Centre. The TOLES exams are provided by the UK company Global Legal English Ltd.

Which test should I take?

The GLIE SAT and the TOLES exams are both very important to lawyers and law students and highly valued by employers. At the same time, they complement each other, as the GLIE SAT concerns translation and legal drafting of documents based on Greek law, whereas the TOLES exam is very important for lawyers involved in international commercial negotiations and contracts drafted in English.

How often are the exams offered?

The exam dates of the GLIE SAT and the TOLES exams are available on their providers' websites. Both exams are held online several times a year.

I have never had any exposure to legal English. Which course is the best to start with?

If you have a good knowledge of general English but no prior exposure to legal English it is recommended that you start learning with the GLIE Workbooks, which are sets of structured online exercise workbooks with exercises, quizzes and tests to understand the key concepts of legal English, learn how to make proper use of grammar, prepositions, legal collocations, key vocabulary and phrases.
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