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We are dedicated to creating and providing engaging and enriching learning opportunities for lawyers, law students and anyone wishing to learn legal English, expand their knowledge in legal translation from Greek into English, gain first-hand exposure to drafing legal documents in English and communicate with clients using business English. Here you can find online courses, reading material and glossaries that will help you begin and continue your learning journey in legal English.

Next Enrolment Period: September 2024

Learning & Development for Lawyers

Learning is not the result of a one-off event.

It requires a carefully designed learning path, experienced and knowledgable instructors, a well-defined scope, appropriate study materials and tools combined with an efficient learning strategy to achieve the learning objectives within the shortest possible time and in a budget-wise manner. As a result, we have designed our learning strategy based on a structured hands-on learning and development approach that combines traditional learning models with innovative programmes and open educational resources to provide a unique online learning experience. 

Last but not least, we firmly believe in direct learner-instructor interaction and ongoing learner support. 


Learning Opportunities

Courses & Exams

Our popular online courses are focused on learning how to use legal English properly, translate legal text from Greek into English, draft legal documents in English and use business English in law related context. The TOLES Exam is a written test for lawyers and law students to provide evidence of their legal English language skills.

Open Learning & Development

We provide free access to learning and informative material through open educational resources in the form of videos on YouTube, glossaries on our Blog, news and articles on the social media, and our online library hosting a collection of glossaries, self study guides, and other related publicly available material.

Why study with us?


With over 18+ years of extensive experience in legal translation and legal drafting we are proud of delivering high quality courses and workshops since 2018 that meet the industry specific standards and requirements.

Distance Learning

All courses and workshops are conducted online by using digital interaction platforms, and dedicated applications for accessing study and exercise material.

Open Learning

We provide free access to educational and informative material, such as glossaries, videos and English articles of legal interest through open educational resources.


All courses and workshops are designed to provide hands on practice, combining the cost-effective advantages of group learning with the benefits of personalised feedback and interaction.​​

Competitive Advantage

Our Centre is a registered centre for the TOLES Exams. There is no better way to learn and prove your knowledge in legal English. 

Find your way around

Test your knowledge in legal English and legal translation by taking our free quizzes. The quiz results are a rough guide only and intended to indicate the recommended courses at introductory and intermediate level. If you need assistance please book a consultation with us.

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