TOLES - Test of Legal English Skills

What are the TOLES Exams?

TOLES means ‘Test of Legal English Skills’. It is an exam that allows to prove your level of specialised legal English. It is intended to provide lawyers dealing with international negotiations and cross-border contracts with sufficient understanding of their content and writing skills in terms of appropriate usage of the English grammar and vocabulary. The TOLES Exams are jointly owned by Cambridge Law Studio Limited and Global Legal English Limited. Greek Law in English – The Legal English Centre is a registered TOLES Centre in Greece since 2018.

Prepare for the TOLES Exams

There are three levels of TOLES Exams: Foundation, Higher, Advanced. Among the three levels of exams, the TOLES Higher is the most sought after, as it can be obtained relatively easy, with a daily study of about 2 hours daily ideally over a 12-week period, avoiding the highly demanding and lengthy preparation for the TOLES Advanced Exam. Although there is no pass/fail, the exam grade is indicated on the TOLES Certificate. Taking the TOLES Exams requires good (Foundation) or very good (Higher) knowledge of general English.

The TOLES Foundation Exam

The TOLES Foundation Exam is the first out the three TOLES Exams available. As the name suggests, it is an elementary/lower intermediate level written exam that does not require a long preparation period.

The TOLES Higher Exam

The TOLES Higher is the most popular out of the three TOLES Exams. It provides its holders with a very good knowledge of legal English and the basics of specific areas of knowledge of English law. That’s why it is highly valuable by employers. 

Upcoming Courses

Prepare for the TOLES Higher Exam

Start date: 13 March 2024

End date: 23 May 2024

Exam date: 23 May 2024

Weekly Classes

Day: Wednesday & Thursday

Time: 19:30 - 22:00

Synchronous via ZOOM

Place of exam: Athens

Cost: €450 (incl. VAT)

Instructor: Ilia Gavriotou

Prepare with us for the TOLES Foundation & TOLES Higher Exams

We have been preparing successfully our students for the TOLES Exams since 2018. Please check the Calendar of Events for the dates of the upcoming TOLES preparation courses.